Whisky in space! Japanese distillery sends booze to space station

Japanese distillery Suntory plans to send five kinds of whisky to the International Space Station to mellow via microgravity. Amazon Does whisky taste better in a galaxy far, far away? Or perhaps it gets mellower when it's stored in space? Japanese distillery Suntory wants to find out through a science experiment using the International Space Station.

dca3c7b67b76dadce9c47c56a60a49ecThis month, Suntory will be loading up the Kounotori 5 transfer vehicle -- due to launch from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Tanegashima Space Center on August 16 -- with five kinds ofwhisky (along with 40% ethanol) to mature for a few years on the International Space Station.

scotch_whisky_glasses_766_hTokyo University's Institute for Solid State Physics, Tohoku University's Institute of Fluid Science, the Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute and the Suntory Foundation for Life Sciences are all excited to see if a microgravity environment at a space station can affect alcoholic beverages, specifically the mellowing process, according to Suntory's press release.